The Baska tablet

The Baška Tablet is a national monument of culture of the Croatian represents an original Glagolitic inscription, an official document chiselled in 13 line of text  containing details about donation of the Croatian King Zvonimir (1075-1089) to St. Lucy’s church, where the Baška tablet was found embedded into the church pavement. The tablet was found in1851, thanks to Peter DORČIĆ, a Baška cleric. About the Baška tablet and the Glagolitic alphabet learn more on

Vrbnik statut

Frankopan dukes were the most powerful Croatian medieval noble family from Vrbnik, from which they originated. In the town they had the Duke’s palace and Bacin court and two castles, one near the ruins of the church of St. Maurus on the same hill and castle on the outskirts of Graz Vrbničkog fields.

Mutual relations Vrbničkog the people were governed by customary law, but already distant 1388.god. Mrs. Frankopan, who are from 1118th to 1480th year were real masters of the island, gave to compile and write Vrbnik Statute. The statute is a collection of rules that are partly related to the whole island of Krk, and partly just to Vrbnicka municipality. The statute is composed June 15 1388.god. when the delegates arrived in Krk Frankopan princes and famous men of Krk other municipalities to jointly draw up this important document. Today Vrbnik, is important source of medieval law. It also bears witness to the civilization development of the Krk citadel and was written in the Glagolitic script and the Croatian language. More info on