Cave Biserujka

Rudine The existence of the cave near Rudine above Slivanjska bay is known  for over a hundred years when its interior (with former entrance in the form of pits!) hid and attracted attention for unknown mystery and beauty of its calcite decorations. From the story that there was hidden treasure of a smuggler in her, up to the first curious visitors, gradually were widening its passes and people were moving more freely. Light brought a significant rise of interest in the rich galleries with numerous stalactites, stalagmites and calcite columns. With a length of about 110 m the cave interior is truly breathtaking with its beauty and interesting shapes exposed. The temperature in the cave through whole year is from 10 to 13C, and occasional dripping from the ceiling and moisture occur only after long periods of rain. Maintained and safe paths through the cave are accessible to everyone – from children to the elderly.
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The narrowest street in the world

Peace of many coastal towns, have ensured their narrow streets. They were made according to the requirements of another time, so today they cannot be passed by cars. Some streets cannot be passed by any types of engines, some of them in Vrbnik alley, cannot pass either all men. Within the streets of the place to the right, you will find statements by locals, the narrowest street in the world. Gršković passage at house number 14 lays another passage called “gutter”.


Cycling Most of the hiking trails on the island can also be used as cycling trails. ‘Spring on Wheels’, an event which aims to promote the bike paths suitable for day trips on scooters, bikes and quads, and ‘I love autumn – Bodul bike’, a recreational bike ride on walkways of the town of Krk with suitable entertainment program. Apart from that they stretch along the coast, on  paths called lungomare, bike paths also breach into internal part of the island along  traffic roads. Along the new reconstructed road from Krk to Malinska there has been built a bicycle path, separated with a green belt. It extends from a turn to Valbiska to the entrance of the town of Krk.
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Walking trails

Walking paths can be divided into promenades that are intended for the broadest range of walkers and which follow the coast, passing through bays and coves,  and the easy and more difficult hiking trails.
Easy hiking trails are also intended for a wider range of walkers, and mainly intersect beautiful interior of the island. More difficult trails are designed exclusively for active walkers and hikers. The attractiveness of such  trails in intact nature and numerous viewing points. There have been arranged 300 kilometers of marked hiking trails on the island of Krk. The above mentioned tracks are used as a new tourist attraction.
If you are attracted by peaks, and you are a fan of nature and hiking, be sure to head to Veli vrh (541 m and to the highest peak of the island’s mountains – OBZOVI 568 meters), which can be reached from Punat and Bašćanska Draga. Peace, tranquility, dreams views are the shortest rating impressions that you will also get if you climb to the top of Veli vrh and Obzova.
From walking 200-meters along Glagolitic road from Gabonjin (near Dobrinj) towards the church of St. Peter and Glagolitic path in Baška, You will return relaxed and enriched with the knowledge of Glagolitic letters.
You certainly should visit the mountain ring road “Paths of Dobrinjština”, the path in length of about 20 kilometers. With eight checkpoints it passes through an area of diverse plant communities, picturesque villages (moving from place Šilo to Dobrinj and again down to Šilo).
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