The Baska tablet

The Baška Tablet is a national monument of culture of the Croatian represents an original Glagolitic inscription, an official document chiselled in 13 line of text  containing details about donation of the Croatian King Zvonimir (1075-1089) to St. Lucy’s church, where the Baška tablet was found embedded into the church pavement. The tablet was found in1851, thanks to Peter DORČIĆ, a Baška cleric. About the Baška tablet and the Glagolitic alphabet learn more on

The narrowest street in the world

Peace of many coastal towns, have ensured their narrow streets. They were made according to the requirements of another time, so today they cannot be passed by cars. Some streets cannot be passed by any types of engines, some of them in Vrbnik alley, cannot pass either all men. Within the streets of the place to the right, you will find statements by locals, the narrowest street in the world. Gršković passage at house number 14 lays another passage called “gutter”.